Commercial Electrical Works

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working on projects ranging from Office Refurbishments, Small Stores, Commercial Garages to Churches.Local Electrician in Nottingham

Some of our services include:

  • commercial inspection and testing;
  • single and three phase electric installation;
  • PAT of equipment;
  • fault finding;
  • complete design & installation service; 
  • installation of internal & external lighting;
  • configuration of small power Installations;
  • Fire Alarms
  • emergency lighting, testing and maintenance
  • Lamp/Bulb replacement. 


What ever your requirements please contact us for a quote, on 0115 9551417 or 07759017172. Email:

Local Electrician in NottinghamLocal Electrician in Nottingham









Emergency Lighting

We've all seen the exit signs above doors and around offices but what are they for? Should the power fail for an unexpected reason these light up enough for you, your colleagues and guests to see and safely exit the building. After all no one wants to be in the store room when the lights go out trying to get around all those objects and boxes in the dark.

So whats involved? Well dotted around are key switches normally near light switches which you use a parcific key to switch the light from normal mode to fault mode in which it should still light up. A regular test should be carried out to ensure the light is working and a yearly a 3 hour test caried out to ensure that the light fitting componants last the durations and comply with work place regulations.

If the light doesnt light up initially then the lamp or battery pack may need replacing, in some cases the actually light fitting will need replacing.

We can advise and manage your Emergency Lighting by doing the required testing and maintenance.