PAT Testing Nottingham (Portable Appliance Testing)

The procedure where you test and stick green labels on every item that plugs in, well aslong as the item passes. So thats everything from your computer and printer to your kettle and fridge to the office vacuum cleaner.

But why do it? Not only is it required by work place regulations, it also gives peice of mind to both employer and employee that an item of equipment has been tested and inspected that its fit for use, we check that any metal surface parts are safe to touch electrically and that the leads are intact with no damage or exposed cores. 

All items that have detachable leads are classed are seperate items as you can plug them in else where for example computer leads which are universal and fit any PC or Monitor.

For a quote on PAT testing we advise you email us as its based on how many items you estimate you have in your premises and if you have any previous certificates or documents as this saves alot of time:

Here is a guide to our pricing:

First 20 items tested and certificate issued - £60.00

Per item tested there after - £1.40.Local Electrician in Nottingham


We dont charge extra for change of fuse size or reconnection of a plug if flex is hanging out of the cord grip. All tested items are recorded and certificated.